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Bolivia: Copacabana
10 Feb 2014

Most of our time was spent walking up and down the main street looking for food, and then eating it. We decided to skip the Isle of Sun and Moon tour because it would involve over five hours in a boat and we didn’t want to spend a day doing the overnight.

Onwards to La Paz we went!


Feb 10, 2014

from Puno, Peru


Feb 11, 2014

to La Paz, Bolivia

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Copacabana, Bolivia

Saturday, February 08, 2014 09:58


Isla del Sol

From wikitravel:

There’s hardly any point in going to Copacabana without a trip to Isla del Sol. Boats leave around 8:30 AM for full day tours with stops at the north (25 Bs. - 2 hours) and south (20 Bs. - 1 1/2 hours) of the island. Half day tours are also available in the afternoons (1:30 PM), typically visiting just the south. (As at Dec 2013, the price for the full day trip with stops in the north and south was 35 Bs.).


From wikitravel:

  • Hostal 6 de Agosto, (Nearly at the begining of the street, on your right.). checkout: 10.00 am strict. 35 bs. per person (6 dec 2012). Clean rooms with hot water. Bath, TV, towels included. They wake you crushing on your door if you don’t tell them you will be staying one more day beforehand.
  • Hospedaje Aroma, Jáuregui & Destacamento. Basic but seriously cheap. Try to get a room on the top floor, the views there are great. Price Bs.10++.
  • Hostal Sonia, a 5-10 min walk from the main tourist drag. Cheap, but the terrible shower had us changing accommodations after one night. No hot water, and the shower was located in our tiny bathroom almost overtop of the sink. Trucks and buses cruise by at all hours, always honking to make the turn around the hostel. Bs.50 for a room with double bed and private bathroom.
  • Hostal Central, new hotel on plaza Sucre. Comfortable and clean. Double with private bathroom for 70 Bs (May 2012). EDIT feb 2013 - price is 40 or 50Bs per person. No breakfast.No wifi. They wake you crushing on your door if you don’t tell them you will be staying one more day beforehand - disturbing.
  • Hostal Elida, at the corner of Junin and Vallivan. Great alternative in quiet area. One block off from the Cathedral (away from the lake). Large and bright rooms. Run by friendly and helpful fammily with cat and dog. From Bs. 30 with private bathroom. Be careful that there’s no heating and no insulation.
  • Hostel Arco Iris, Half way between Plaza Sucre and Plaza 2 de Febrero on Avenida 6 de Agosto, Restaurant with good food. One night cost between 20 Bs. (shared bathroom) and 30 Bs. (private bath). Internet connection by WiFi in the restaurant and at 1st floor. On a trip to Isla del Sol, you can leave your heavy luggage for free at the hostel. However this hostel doesn’t get only good reviews: there have been reports of disagreements and spats with the owner.

Bussing from Puno, Peru to Copacabana, Bolivia

Monday, February 10, 2014 11:01
11:01AMIn a cab.
11:14AMDropped off.
11:19AMIn a collectivo for 8 soles each.
11:20AMAnd we’re off.
1:28PMIn Yunguyo.
1:51PMIn a van to the border for 3 soles (normally one per person, paid an extra sole to leave right now).
1:55PMDropped off near the border.
2:07PMThrough the Peruvian border.
2:57PMAt Bolivian border.
3:02PMAnd through.
3:05PMIn a collectivo.
3:09PMAnd off to Copacabana!
3:23PMIn Copacabana.
5:16PMFound a hotel.
Total bus time2:42

Monday, February 10, 2014 18:24

Flor de mi Terra

Monday, February 10, 2014 18:52

Terrible food, good view.

Kota Kahuaña

Monday, February 10, 2014 20:16

Located in the Hotel Rosario del Lago near the water, we had some amazingly delicious and even well-presented food for cheap (by SF standards). I had a submarine (warm milk with a bar of chocolate), a chicken caesar salad (was just ok), and the chef’s lasagna, which was delicious.

No Power

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 11:29

Haven’t had power since 4am! Power was out all over Copacabana til 1pm.

Bussing from Copacabana to La Paz

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 13:59
1:59PMIn the bus.
2:08PMOn our way.
2:03PMAt a river of sorts.
2:35PMAcross the river.
5:50PMIn La Paz.
5:55PMIn a collectivo. Holy shit traffic here is bad.
8:12PMFinally found a hostel.
Total bus time4:10

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 14:24

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 14:50

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 15:08

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014 15:26

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 15:44

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 15:59


Feb 10, 2014

from Puno, Peru


Feb 11, 2014

to La Paz, Bolivia