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16 April 2016

Enumerate Xcuielementquery In Swift


Enumerate XCUIElementQuery in Swift

Let’s learn how to make XCUIElementQuery enumerable in a Swift for-in loop so that we can do the following:

for cell in XCUIApplication().cells {
  // cell is an XCUIElement

We’ll take the template from Minimal Swift protocol conformance’s section on “SequenceType” to make XCUIElementQuery conform to SequenceType:

extension XCUIElementQuery : SequenceType {
  public func generate() -> AnyGenerator<XCUIElement> {
    var index = UInt(0)
    return anyGenerator {
      if index >= self.count {
        return nil

      let element = self.elementBoundByIndex(index)
      return element

Now we can enumerate XCUI queries in for-in loops.